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26, 2024
AVAILABLE NOW!!! Solensia (Frunetvetmab Injection)

Effective Relief from the pain of Osteoarthritic for your kitty All too often we hear, “My kitty isn’t active anymore because she is old.” Of course, just as with people and other pets, we see many reasons why older pets […]


23, 2023
A Party For Our Furry Friends

At AVC, we’re suckers for cute animals. Nothing tugs at our heartstrings quite like puppies and kitties. Maybe it’s the way their little tails wag or their soft meows and purrs make us melt. Or maybe it’s the fact they’re innocent […]


09, 2023
Effects of Toxic Foods on Your Pet

March is Pet Poison Prevention Month, a time to raise awareness of the potential dangers that pets face from exposure to toxic substances in the home. While many people are aware of the risks posed by chemicals and medications, fewer […]


09, 2023
The Paw-fect Valentine: Valentine’s Day By the Numbers

Are you prepared for Valentine’s Day? How are your expectations aligning for celebrating this weekend and into the big day next week? For many pet families, you may actually be feeling the same way. Studies have shown those fur-ever fur […]


05, 2023
Winter Safety and Your Pet

It’s wintertime in North Texas! And while we’re only a few weeks into the cold season, you likely know as a resident of these here parts that can mean any number of things. Namely, even though the weather is fairly […]


22, 2022
Holiday Hazards for Your Pet

The holiday countdown is on! With only a few days left to put the finishing touches on Christmas preparations and decorations, it’s never too late to prepare for holiday safety – especially when it comes to our four-legged friends.   (**And […]


08, 2022
Ho-Ho-Holiday Movies with Your Pets

With the holiday season in full swing, there is no shortage of holiday-themed programming for households to consume each and every day. But as a pet household, what options are available for you to watch with your puppy or kitty? […]


10, 2022
Hosting a Pet Friendly Get Together

Thanksgiving is coming – and you’ve volunteered to host the family get together or the Friendsgiving feast! But now you’ve realized that your fuzzy felines and curious canines aren’t used to guests invading their domain. While you may have good […]


20, 2022
Pets for Vets

Even though we’re not quite to the spookiest of all holidays this year, there’s another holiday around the corner worth mentioning – Veteran’s Day! And (stick with us here,) tomorrow there’s an even better connection to veterans and those furry […]


06, 2022
Proactive About Pet Safety and Protection

What are you doing to keep your pets and other animals safe? During Animal Safety and Protection month, AVC is raising awareness of proactive ways you can do your part. That means even if you don’t have pets as a […]

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