Winter Safety and Your Pet

It’s wintertime in North Texas! And while we’re only a few weeks into the cold season, you likely know as a resident of these here parts that can mean any number of things. Namely, even though the weather is fairly mild at the moment, you know it can change just as quickly.

While we all keep on our toes with changes in the forecast, we have to keep our pets in mind as well. Take a peek at these tips as you prepare for the next few months of winter weather!

First and Foremost

If it’s too cold for you, it’s too cold for your pet.
You’ve likely heard this before, but it’s important to keep your animals inside if this is the case. Once the temperature dips below 45 degrees Fahrenheit, most pets will start feeling the uncomfortable effects of the chilly weather.


When Pets Are Outside

There may come times when pets cannot immediately come indoors. During these times, ensure they have an enclosure which isn’t too large so they can hold in their body heat. Their bedding should be kept dry (damp clothing or bedding can make your pet colder). Turn the shelter away from the wind. Make certain there’s access to fresh (and unfrozen!) water.

Active Pet?

Did you know your pets burn extra energy to stay warm in the wintertime? Especially for your more active pets, consider feeding them a little more food during this season. The extra kibble can provide much-needed calories!


Cold weather chemicals like antifreeze, coolant, and de-icer are very poisonous to your pets. During the winter months keep these chemicals out of reach and clear from your driveway. On walks with your pooch, be mindful of others’ driveways for the same.

Winter Car Safety

Just like the summer months, don’t leave your pet alone in the car during winter either. Vehicles can act as refrigerators that keep in cold temperatures causing animals to get hypothermia and freeze.

Also, be aware of starting your car when you head to work in the morning. Stray animals are known to find warmth in wheel wells and under hoods during the coldest parts of the night. Give a quick honk on your car’s horn before starting it up.

Be Emergency Ready

If the last few years were any indication, North Texas winter weather can turn on all of us – and quickly! When thinking through emergency preparations for your household, don’t forget about supplies for your pets too – pet food, water, litter, and medications.

Come See Us at AVC!

With so much to be mindful of during the ups and downs of a North Texas winter, contact us  at AVC with any questions. Cold weather can worsen pet conditions like arthritis. So, there’s no better time to bring your four-legged family in for an annual check-up!

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