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08, 2021
Your Reptilian Family & Arlington Veterinary Center

We talk a lot about our usual furry best friends at AVC. Puppies and kitties are our bread and butter! But, don’t forget that AVC’s own Dr. Waldman specializes in the care and treatment of your exotic and scaly family members too! Reptiles are quickly […]


19, 2018

Personal service is a lost art in today’s on-demand, on-the-cheap world of instant gratification. Seldom can you find a sales person who knows their line of goods and makes certain that their product fits your need … or your foot. […]


06, 2017
Accessibility at AVC

Arlington Veterinary Center was built with an eye to ease of access, not just by the rigorous ADA requirements that were met, but well-beyond ADA’s mandated standards. AVC features 10’ wide parking spaces which simply makes it easier to negotiate […]


24, 2017
Newly Certified Veterinary Assistants

We are proud to announce that two of our hardworking team members, Kristina Glass and Kristen Crawford, have received their Certified Veterinary Assistant titles! In order to achieve this distinction, they have had to complete a course of study administered by the Texas Veterinary Medical Association.


14, 2017
Property of the Month Award

We are proud to announce that we have been chosen for Arlington’s Commercial Property of the Month Award!  Four times a year, one single-family residential and one multi-family/commercial property are chosen from each Council District.


13, 2017
Pet Exam Appointments Until 9:00pm

Beginning June 19, 2017 you will find the doctors and staff at Arlington Veterinary Center available and willing to take care of your pet’s medical needs Monday through Thursday until 9:00pm.


01, 2017
Evening Hours Begin June 19, 2017

Arlington Veterinary Center will begin offering evening appointments to 9:00pm Monday through Thursday evenings beginning Monday, June 19.


13, 2017
Hypovitaminosis A

Snakes, lizards, and turtles! Oh, my! These scaly creatures are not for the faint of heart. However, far from the frightening animals they seem to be, exotic animals like reptiles can make great pets with rewarding companionship.

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