The Paw-fect Valentine: Valentine’s Day By the Numbers

Are you prepared for Valentine’s Day? How are your expectations aligning for celebrating this weekend and into the big day next week?

For many pet families, you may actually be feeling the same way. Studies have shown those fur-ever fur babies of yours are most certainly in your plans for Valentine’s Day! What do we mean? Take a look at how so many pet parents involve their curious kitties and canines in their relationships. It makes you wonder who your real Valentine might be. Where do you fall in these numbers? 


Date Night 


Over 25% of pet parents have brought their pet on a date. 

95% of dog owners would rather spend the night at home cuddling with their dog rather than on a blind date. 

More than 25% of pet parents have planned a special date for themselves and their pet. 

Around 63% of online dating users credit the appearance of their dog in their profile photo with landing a date. And almost 40% of these same users admit to ‘swiping right’ solely based on the dog pictured in the photo! 

 Puppy Love


More than 60% of pet owners would end a relationship for their pet. 

33% of pet parents would give up a job opportunity for their fur baby.  

Almost 70% of doggo owners would give up one-on-one time with their partner for more time with their dog. 

Who would you rather smooch, your pet or your significant other? 34% say their pet! 

Spoiled Rotten 


Almost half of pet parents admit to spending more on their pet than their partner every month.

Over half of pet owners prefer to share their bed with their partner and their pet. 

 Your True Valentine 


60% say they’d prepare a special meal for their precious pooch or feisty feline for Valentine’s Day dinner. 

32% of pet parents consider their pet their special Valentine. 

50% of pet families plan to share their Valentine’s Day plans with their pets. 

Almost 90% of all pet parents surveyed plan on getting their pet a Valentine’s Day gift! 

(survey results via Rover)

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