Proactive About Pet Safety and Protection

What are you doing to keep your pets and other animals safe? During Animal Safety and Protection month, AVC is raising awareness of proactive ways you can do your part. That means even if you don’t have pets as a part of your immediate family, you can help too. Let’s dive into some ways we can all get involved.   


With great pet ownership there must also come great pet responsibility! Check out these tips to keep those fur babies safe.

Adopt – The need for adoptions is at an all-time high. Not everyone has the ability to add to their pet family, but it remains one of the best ways to keep animals safe from euthanasia and the dangers of the wild.

Regular Check-ups – Be proactive with your pet family. Make sure your doggos and kitties are up to date on their vaccinations. Just like us, pets have the best chance for safety and protection with early detection and intervention of any health issues.

Pet Proofing – You keep your pet safe from the dangers of the outside world, but what about inside your home? Check out AVC’s previous blog on what to look for and protect against where you live.

Microchipping – Ensuring your pet is microchipped can be one of the best methods for keeping your pet safe should they get loose or lost.

Pet First-Aid – Learning a bit of pet first aid will help in the instance of minor injuries. Don’t forget you are you and your family are best at seeing abnormal behavior in your pet. What might seem like a small change in behavior to someone else, could be an indication for you to reach out to us at AVC to determine if it’s not a sign of illness.



Not a pet owner? That’s okay too. There are still ways you can show your support for the safety and protection of animals everywhere.

Visit the zoo! The Metroplex doesn’t just have one world-class zoo, but two! If you’re not a pet owner, visiting either the Dallas or Fort Worth Zoo is an easy way to show your support for animals. The education you can learn about animals and their habitats is great for families of all ages.

Volunteer at a local shelter – Local shelters don’t just need your help to adopt new pets. If you’re not convinced taking one home is right for your family, you can still volunteer to give those precious four-legged pups and kitties food, exercise, cleaning, and love!

Foster – Foster needs are at an all-time high too. Not everyone is ready to adopt, but you can still show your support for animals in need by becoming a pet foster. Contact your local shelter to sign-up for a shorter-term commitment.

Donate to a wildlife organization – If these other methods of support are not possible, consider donating to an organization that promotes animal welfare – there are larger, national organizations, but there are many local nonprofits that operate solely on the generous contributions of others.

Be sure to check out our other blogs for more tips, tricks, and education when it comes to you and your pet!

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