AVAILABLE NOW!!! Solensia (Frunetvetmab Injection)

Effective Relief from the pain of Osteoarthritic for your kitty

All too often we hear, “My kitty isn’t active anymore because she is old.” Of course, just as with people and other pets, we see many reasons why older pets become lethargic including heart or lung disease, organ systems illness, cancer and, especially, obesity. One major contributor that is most frequently overlooked in kitties is osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis is painful. Cats are particularly good at masking their pain. Signs of arthritic pain include hesitancy jumping onto chairs or countertops and when climbing up or down stairs, difficulty running, reduced interest in playing and chasing objects, abnormal vocalization and soiling outside the litterbox

Solensia (Frunetvetmab) is an Injectable Monoclonal Antibody Therapy administered monthly to control the pain of feline osteoarthritis.  It effectively blocks the Nerve Growth Factor which is the primary compound causing inflammation and pain with osteoarthritis.

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