Your Reptilian Family & Arlington Veterinary Center

We talk a lot about our usual furry best friends at AVC. Puppies and kitties are our bread and butter! But, don’t forget that AVC’s own Dr. Waldman specializes in the care and treatment of your exotic and scaly family members too! Reptiles are quickly being recognized for their domestic pet potential and rewarding companionship. 

Make Arlington Veterinary Center your ‘go-to’ for the best knowledge and skill in keeping healthy and friendly peculiar pets too! Check out some of the services below that we offer for these non-traditional companions. We can’t wait to see you and meet your scaly, slithery, cold-blooded, reptilian family!


Yes, these scaly buddies need grooming care too! For example, AVC offers beak trimming for turtles and tortoises. Overgrown beaks in domestic turtles and tortoises can lead to beak damage, malnutrition, or self-inflicted wounds if left unchecked. 

Husbandry & Diet 

While commercial diets can be specialized for the various species of small mammals, reptile care tends to be slightly vague regarding nutritional requirements. As a rule of thumb, remember to stick to your species’ general requirements for environment, temperature, humidity, and general diet to ensure a happy, healthy scaled friend for years to come. Schedule a call or appointment with AVC to discuss any specific concerns about diet. We’ll be happy to help! 

Laboratory & Professional Services 

Arlington Veterinary Center utilizes well-established exotic animal reference laboratories for testing services. Sedation options are available and frequently required for thorough examination of anxious pets, sample collection and minor surgical procedures.

Annual Exams 

As with other pets, the “less traditional” variety can benefit from annual physical exams which may provide early detection of potential disease issues. Starting the routine of annual exams early in your reptile’s life will help to prevent avoidable illness and veterinary visits.

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