Time for Walkies!

A few weeks into the new year, it may be time to reflect upon your New Year resolutions. How are you resolving for better pet health in 2023? Have you been successful so far? The simplicity of taking your pet for a walk can have a great impact on your pet’s overall wellbeing, from exercise to mental stimulation. Let’s take a look!


Tell me more about the health benefits my pet will get with a walk.


It’s a myth that simply having a big luxurious backyard or dog run creates enough opportunity for your pet to get quality exercise. They also need interaction from you! Walks are a perfect way to accomplish this for better overall pet physical and mental health. 

Your pet also craves interaction with you. A simple walk can fulfill their one-on-one need for their bond and relationship with you. 

Pet walks are also an excellent way to train and increase obedience. Through the repetition of the activity, your pet learns what you expect when they are leashed and how to interact with others they meet along the way.


Aside from all of these health benefits, how else will it help my pet?

A walk is an adventure for your pet. Walking your pet also helps you to learn about their habits and what kind of things they like doing during the day. 

Their world typically consists of your home and your yard. Everything else is brand new and it’s exciting to watch how they interact with what they see, smell, and hear. With a walk, you can learn so much about your pet’s personality:  

What does he like to do?
How does he behave around other animals? Other people?
How does he behave with new sights and sounds in the new environment?


 So, when should I walk my pet?


The best time to walk your pet depends on their age, health, and energy level. 

Early morning walks are great for younger and older pets or those who struggle with mobility issues. This is when these types of pets are at their peak levels of activity and coordination. If you’re able, getting up in the morning for an early walk can be a great way to start your day off right because it gets that little bit of stress out before the day adds its own stresses.  

Evening walks may seem less convenient, but they do have some benefits:  

evening strolls tend to be quieter than daytime ones;
some dogs just plain love being outside after dark;
and it gives their bodies a chance to wind down before bedtime (which makes them much easier to put under the covers).   

Are there other benefits?


Of course there are! The walk is helpful for YOUR physical health too. A morning or evening walk can help you decompress from the stressful parts of your day, but the added physical movement is known to greatly increase cardiovascular health as well.

Pets are also natural stress relievers for your own stress. Walking your pet is a great way to reduce these levels while bonding with them.

But it’s winter in Texas! 


We find it interesting that National Walk Your Pet Month falls during January – one of the colder months of the year across the country. Luckily, we live in North Texas where the weather tends to cooperate more regularly. Since the winter weather has been mild so far this year, working to establish a routine of walking with your pet has never been easier! 

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