Spring Forward with Your Pet: Daylight-Saving Time Edition

Sunday, March 13, 2:00 am… Most of us with smart devices will have no need to change our clocks in the coming days. We’ll simply just lose an hour of much needed sleep right as Spring Break begins. Argh!

While frustrating, it becomes just a minor inconvenience for us, but somewhat confusing for our four-legged family members. So, how does the lost hour affect our pets? And what should we do to help them adjust? 


The Lost Hour

It would certainly be easier to explain to our kitties and pups what’s about to occur. But, even if they understood, the explanation of Daylight-Saving Time might draw yourself into a much more confusing description, leaving you the one with the most questions.  
Our pets depend on us for their schedule, but dogs and cats both have circadian rhythms just like we do. They have an internal timekeeping mechanism built into their biology to help regulate sleep, hunger, and activity.  
When we thrust a new schedule on our pet, especially when it involves an early breakfast, an odd time for a potty pit stop, or an unexpected time for the daily walk, our pets will adjust. They may just give us a very quizzical look while complying.  


The New Routine

Both dogs and cats are resilient. They’ll adjust over the course of a few weeks to the new routine just like we do. There are some easy adjustments to make for their benefit in advance, however. 
From now until Sunday, move their feeding times up about 10 minutes each day. Even with so few days remaining in the current schedule, acclimating gradually will help their bodies adjust accordingly. 
Here’s a tough one. Get yourself up an extra 10 minutes early each day between now and Sunday. You set the example for your doggo and feline. When they see you get up, they’ll get up too to get ready for the day. 
And, next is another tough one – aim to leave the house just a little earlier too. Maybe you need to run an errand before work or get a cup of coffee? Seeing you leave just a bit early will help your pet adjust to the change in schedule too. 
Once Sunday hits, though, lock into that routine and stick to it like clockwork. Remember, YOU are your pet’s routine. Changes to your own daily routine is where you’ll see them most affected.  


Be paw-sitive! You’ll all get through this together… with the help of furry cuddles and wet kisses, of course. 

Let AVC guide if you need help! Come see us or contact us, and we’ll be happy to assist. Best of luck as you Spring Forward this weekend!

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