Puppy Love this Valentine’s Day

It doesn’t take too much to notice Valentine’s Day is near, especially if you’ve been to the grocery store, watched any television, or have a significant other that may have dropped some not-so-subtle hints about what gift they’ve had their eye on. Yes, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and serves as a reminder to show and give affection to the one’s we love.

Puppy Love, Valentine's Day, Arlington Veterinary Center

For the four-legged ones in our lives, Valentine’s Day is essentially EVERY DAY! Dogs are especially ones to express their affection for their owners at any given moment. The tail wags, yips, jumps, smiles, and pants at your very presence in the room remind us their love ISN’T just a puppy love. It’s unconditional. Couldn’t we all take a cue from those loveable canines in our lives? 

So, how do you return your love for your precious doggo or other fabulous pet? 

Your Presence is a Present

Like any good and healthy relationship, your presence and your time are a good start. Make time for your pet. Plan for an after-work walk. Play in the yard during the same time each day. Give those pets and scratches freely! 

Tell Them About Your Day

A past study measured the content and tone of human’s speech toward canines and found they remained engaged in listening when they thought the conversation was related to them. The conversation is also good for your bond with your pup and for your own health too! 

Treats are Tempting

While us ‘hoomans’ see the gift of treats as a special show of affection or treatment, pets see treats as a way to motivate behavior or a reward for training. How quickly can their loyalty shift if someone else were to offer them a treat? While it may sound like a good idea, reserve these treats for rewarding, rather than spoiling. 

Tired Yet?

Our human connection with hugging doesn’t necessarily translate well to pets. They can often feel pinned down or constrained with even the best of hugs. But at its lowest common denominator, pets still thrive on physical contact. After a long day, allow that puppy or kitten some close companionship by sharing a nap on the couch. You might find it’s the best sleep you’ve had in quite some time! 

Keep Them Healthy with a Visit to AVC!

While your pet may not see the direct result of the trip to a strange place with the potential anxiety and stress of new and different sights and smells, making sure your pet is healthy is a marvelous way to show your commitment and love to them. Come see us at AVC so we can show some love to them too! 

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