Grooming Makeovers Available Now!

Kory has been working hard to take excellent care of our patients who request grooming services.  She joined us here at AVC part time at the end of July and her services were in such high demand that she went to five days a week in the middle of August.  Kory is now able to take appointments for bathing, grooming, and nail trimming from 7:30am-3:30pm Monday, Tuesday, and Friday, and from 9am – 6pm Wednesday and Thursday.  She has several years of experience and is able to work with both cats and dogs.


Why is grooming important for your pet?  From a health standpoint, grooming is much more than just making your pet look pretty or smell nice.  While these are great benefits, a groomer also improves your pets’ overall health by helping to avoid torn toenails, skin lesions from matted fur, and skin infections from migrating grass awns.  Also, a groomer helps prevent ear infections by removing heavy ear hair when needed.  These services are particularly important for pets with long coats or especially thick fur.

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