Dog Boarding and Nail Trimming Services

AVC provides outstanding boarding and nail trimming services, but we fill up fast so make your reservations early. Schedule an appointment today by calling 817.861.1763.

Schedule boarding with one of our Boarding Team Members by calling 817.861.1763
Arlington Veterinary Center offers three levels of canine boarding, the Canine Calaboose, the Rodeo Champion Chutes, and the Texas Panorama Suites.

  • Canine Calaboose – $28/night, + $20/night for a roommate: size-appropriate kennel boarding featuring a gated door; appropriate for sharing
  • Rodeo Champion Chutes – $38/night + $30/night for a roommate: large private room that includes cot for sleeping, elevated bowls, and room for sharing
  • Texas Panorama Suites – $48/night + $40/night for a roommate: choice of spacious private room with cot for sleeping, elevated bowls, and room for sharing
  • Doggie Day Care – $25/day
  • All pets must be presented flea and tick-free. Any pets with hitchhikers will be treated immediately upon arrival for an additional fee.
  • All pets are assured a healthy stay since we require all yearly vaccines.
Medication Fees:
  • 1-5 medications – $8/day
  • 6+ medications – $20/day
  • Diabetic Management – $30/day

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