Reptiles & Others

AVC’s Dr. Cassandra Waldman has the skills and knowledge to help with many other pet species.


Arlington Veterinary Center offers toe nail trimming for small mammals as well as beak trimming for turtles and tortoises. Schedule an appointment today by calling 817.861.1763.

Husbandry and Diet

Proper nutrition and maintenance care can help avoid many common conditions. Schedule with Dr. Waldman to discuss correct nutrition and general care of your small pet.

Laboratory and Professional Services

Arlington Veterinary Center utilizes established exotic animal reference laboratories for testing services. Sedation options are available and frequently required for thorough examination of anxious pets, sample collection and minor surgical procedures.

Annual Exam

As with other pets, the“less traditional” variety can benefit from annual physical exam which may provide early detection of potential disease issues. For ferrets, Dr. Waldman recommends annual Rabies and Ferret Distemper vaccinations.

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