Dental Care

Painful dental disease in kitties of all ages is often a subtle cause of habit or behavior change and poor appetite, especially Feline Odontoclastic Resorptive Lesions or FORLs. As with any other disease problem, diagnosis of dental problems starts with a thorough physical exam.

While we do not perform root canals, AVC provides thorough general dentistry services for felines, including digital dental x-ray, cleaning by Piezo electric scaling, polishing and flouride application, Doxyrobe Gel treatments, and extractions when necessary.

Cat Dental Care presents other concerns such as as the often subtle and often troublesome Feline Resorptive Odontoclastic Lesions (FORLs), which AVC’s veterinarians are fully prepared to address.
Patient comfort is enhanced by use of local anesthetic dental nerve blocks and pain management medications.
(Piezo Scaler)

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