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Arlington Veterinary Center!

We're now located at the corner of West Abram and Norwood, in Arlington, Texas.


Covered Parking

A spacious new lot and covered parking makes visiting easy and convenient, whatever the weather brings! 
Covered Parking


Please come in. . .  

Please come in!

We're glad you're here!

Sally and the reception staff will be happy to serve you and your pet.

Something for Everyone!

Please enjoy a cup of coffee in our spacious waiting room while the kids have some time to relax in our specially-designed and inviting play area - Fort Thibodeau!
Fort Tibodeau

Canine and Feline Waiting Areas

Separate areas allow minimal stress and maximal comfort while you wait for your appointment. 
Canine Waiting Area Feline Waiting Area

Feline Exam Rooms

Plenty of room and light to make even the most fussy feline content!
Feline Exam Room

Feline ICU

For those who must stay in the hospital, we have a fully-equipped separate feline hospital area.  No dogs allowed!
Feline ICU

Canine Exam Rooms

Large and light, and all equipped with power lift tables to make visiting comfortable for everyone!
Canine Exam Room


Clean, bright, and well-equipped, most conditions can be managed in our large treatment area.
Treatment Suite

Surgery Suite

Multiple patients can undergo procedures simultaneously in this sterile and fully stocked suite.
Surgery Suite


When diagnostic imaging is required, we often start with a visit to our digital radiology unit.  This area is very close to our treatment area, making imaging easy during procedures if necessary.  


Our next imaging stop is often Ultrasound, where we can perform abdominal studies as well as FAST scans and echocardiography.
Ultrasound Suite


We can have many important test results within 20 minutes using our modern suite of laboratory equipment.

Canine ICU

Equipped with oxygen therapy and visible from all areas of the hospital, our most critical canine patients are given the best possible care.  
Canine ICU

Luxurious Boarding Facility

We are able to keep both cats and dogs in our wonderful new accomodations!  Cats have condos that overlook the outdoors, and dogs have a choice of suites, runs, or traditional boarding options.

Outdoor Space

Our outdoor play areas are perfect for getting some exercise, and thanks to our Covered Porch and K-9 Grass, your dog can play in comfort, no matter the weather.
Covered Porch


Our facility boasts a power-lift tub and warm-air dryers for a true spa-day experience!  We offer this service for all our boarding pets, for a small additional fee that also covers a nail trim and ear cleaning.  

Isolation Unit

Some of the diseases we treat are contagious, so we have a state-of-the-art isolation room to protect both our affected patients and others in the hospital.  

Thank You for taking our Tour!  

We look forward to caring for your furry (or feathered, or scaled) family member soon.

Arlington Veterinary Center

Experience, knowledge, equipment, and dedicated caregivers come together at Arlington Veterinary Center to offer the best in veterinary health care.  Our goal is "to provide you and your pet a happy and healthy life together."

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